Your Brain’s “Law of Large Numbers”

Those educated in statistics are familiar with the law of large numbers: the larger the sample size (or the greater the number of trials run), the closer the sample’s mean gets to that of the overall population. In brain science there’s a completely unrelated law of large numbers, and it’s this: the larger the number, […]

How Not To Sound “Wooden” When You Present

How Not To Sound “Wooden” When You Present Catching up on our podcasts we came across a fantastic answer to one of the most-common delivery questions we field: how can I not sound wooden or forced when I present? The answer came from Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s SVP of Retail (and before that the CEO of […]

What Problem Do You Face That I Am Offering To Solve?

Everlane is one of the fastest-growing clothing companies. It also offers a great example of a core communications principle and how it can be applied not only to communication but to product design and business focus. The principle is: focus on an audience’s problem (that you solve). Far too often we see presentations that fail […]

How a Jury Duty Summons Helped Me to Become More Audience-Centric

  Your Audience Has a Problem  Recently I was called to jury duty. We all know how we’re supposed to feel about jury duty: serving our country, playing a vital role, etc. Of such suppositions cognitive dissonance is made. There’s a reason it’s called jury “duty.” In the realm of community service volunteering opportunities, you […]

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