The Compelling Communicator

The Compelling Communicator

You attend numerous presentations and meetings a year--filled with the typical dense and disorganized PowerPoint decks--and leave most of them thinking, "Well, that's an hour of my life I'll never get back." But out of this sea of mediocrity, a rare few rise up, captivating you and driving you to action. What makes these few so special? Despite what most people think, it's not because they were delivered well. It's because they were crafted in a way that deeply aligned with how your brain wants to consume information. The presentations that failed did so precisely because they violated the largely unknown "natural laws" that govern how people actually learn. In The Compelling Communicator, you will learn a proven process for designing presentations that touch your audience in a highly impactful way, motivating them to take your desired action by:
  • Building around a small number of powerful ideas
  • Keeping content within the audience's "brain bandwidth"
  • Developing logical narrative structure
  • Anchoring communication in the listener's priorities
  • Creating "mind-sticky" storytelling and visuals
  • Crafting handouts that allow your presentation to live on after the handshakes
Filled with examples of exceptional--and not so exceptional--presentations, along with clear explanations of why they do and don't work, this comprehensive guidebook provides every tool you need to become a standout presenter whose message is certain to leave a powerful, lasting impression.  
Mastering the Moment

Mastering the Moment

For most people, delivering a presentation is a harrowing experience. Much is often at stake, yet presenters struggle to perform as well as they'd like. In this engaging book, speaker, author, and communications consultant Tim Pollard breaks this challenging moment down into its most important components and teaches you how to master each. How to prepare:
  • Understanding your audience from an intellectual, emotional, and cultural perspective
  • Grasping the importance and practice of exceptional rehearsal
  • Valuing the venue: making it work for you rather than against you
What to do:
  • Mastering the presentation opening
  • Exploring communication mechanics
  • Managing your audience
Who to be:
  • Cultivating a winning style: the three pillars of authority, authenticity, and directiveness
  • Harnessing the power of "muscular" language
  • Leveraging the core tools of rhetoric
With practical advice, relatable stories, and vibrant examples, Mastering the Moment employs Pollard's engaging style, making the guidance as absorbing to read as it is easy to adopt.
The Complete Resource Boxset (Signed By The Author)

The Complete Resource Boxset (Signed By The Author)

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