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A Pervasive Problem: Despite its importance, most communication is shockingly ineffective.

Communication is an essential skill for life and business. It’s how human beings connect with one another, and in organizational life it’s how we present our ideas and initiatives and gain backing for those ideas. Nothing could be more important.
But the problem is that communication is hard, and it gets harder in a virtual environment. Whether live or virtual, most people struggle to craft messaging that is truly compelling and impactful. While they want to impact their audience, they present bland and uninspiring materials that leave their hearers unmoved – and more importantly,
unmotivated to act.

The Simple Solution: Design communication that aligns with the brain
The good news is that in this course Oratium’s proven communication principles and process have been combined with cutting edge thinking about how to thrive in both virtual live communications settings. As a result, anyone can become highly skilled in both the design and delivery of compelling communication in any environment.

Over 10 quick and engaging lessons, Oratium CEO Tim Pollard (author of The Compelling Communicator) provides detailed practical guidance on designing and delivering communication that will lead to action. Well-suited for anyone who desires to be an effective and compelling communicator.

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This Course Features

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Short and practical video lessons designed to hold the attention of a busy person. Animations, interviews, light board technology, and software tutorials are all included.

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To help people understand exactly how to apply this content with their audiences.

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You’ll receive a printed reference guide, shipped to your front door. Over 50 pages of course material included, allowing learners to easily follow along and apply the content.

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