Transforming Your Communications' Effectiveness

It’s critical for non-profit leaders to present their mission and initiatives in a powerful and compelling way to raise awareness, participation, and funds for their cause. Oratium provides a variety of communication courses to help non-profits create powerful, compelling messaging that leads others to action.

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A Range of Training Options

Learn the Oratium methodology for how to build and deliver exceptional donor messaging through our fundraising training.

Our Solutions

Our Books

“The Compelling Communicator” and “Mastering the Moment” by Tim Pollard explore the brain science of messaging and tangible ways to craft extraordinary communication

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E-Learning (Self-Guided)

Designing and Delivering the Virtual Sales Conversation” is a 10-module course that teaches today’s most critical sales skill: how to craft an exceptional sales message and then execute a great sales meeting in today’s new and challenging virtual environment.

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E-Learning (Facilitated)

Oratium consultants facilitate discussions and custom learning for a team as they work through the E-Learning course together. *We highly recommend Nonprofit Messaging groups do facilitated E-Learning so they can learn to apply the principles in the non-profit environment.

Live Virtual Classes

These two half-day virtual classes cover topics from how to design a compelling message to how to deliver it in the virtual environment. These tailored and engaging classes are taught live from our light board studios, and they equip teams to immediately apply the concepts and excel in the virtual environment. *Public classes are also available twice a year.

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Experiential Live Virtual Classes

Our Live Virtual Class, spread over a few weeks. At each milestone of the class, an Oratium consultant facilitates the group to apply the methodology through a preexisting case study or to an existing donor message within their organization.

Donor Message Consulting

Following your Oratium training, our consulting team will collaborate with you to apply the methodology in creating custom donor messaging.

A Highly Structured Process

Collaborative Message Builds

A small team of 2-6 people from your organization work with Oratium consultants to collaborate on the design (or redesign) of your donor message(s).

Message Reviews

In the process of creating a donor message, a secondary Oratium consultant will review the message with fresh eyes and provide feedback in the developmental progress.

Message Delivery

Consultants equip you to deliver your donor message to effectively lead your donors, volunteers, or a community to the desired action.

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The Great Challenge of Our Times: Selling in the Virtual World

As selling went virtual, the world of sales was turned upside down. Many companies still struggle to sell in the virtual environment. If you’re looking for answers to this pressing challenge, start here.

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