The Challenge of Virtual Selling

The primary medium for selling was fundamentally altered in 2020, as meetings moved into the virtual environment. But it’s clear that this migration was already underway. The pandemic didn’t change the future of sales, it merely accelerated it. Therefore, mastery of virtual selling is a critical skill for all sales representatives.

The tempting mistake is to think that the key to success is simply mastering the online platform. And make no mistake — using the platform with skill does matter. But the core issue goes far deeper: sales is a fundamentally social process, and it’s now largely conducted in an asocial environment. The rules of the game have changed.

For most of us the big question is: Is it realistic to think that our sales messages can survive in the virtual world?

The good news is yes, the Oratium’s online sales courses, as well as our leadership and communication guides, will equip you to not only survive but to excel in the virtual sales environment.

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Short and practical video lessons designed to hold the attention of a busy salesperson. Animations, interviews, light board technology, and software tutorials are all included.

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To help salespeople understand exactly how to apply this content with their customers.

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You’ll receive a printed reference guide, shipped to your front door. Over 50 pages of course material included, allowing learners to easily follow along and apply the content.

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