Ending the Hostility between Sales and Marketing

It’s a sad fact of life that when we don’t understand another person, we tend to assign negative motives to them. Rather than see them as different, we see them as ‘difficult’, ‘obstructive’ or even ‘stupid’. History is rife with examples of division flowing from misunderstanding – and in today’s society we see it most […]

This Week in Insights: Week of September 21

ON THE COMMUNICATION SKILLS BLOG: Tamsen Webster shares the best trick for natural delivery: marking up your script. FROM OUR TWITTER AND LINKEDIN FEEDS America’s top fears: Public speaking, heights and bugs The Persuasive Power of Repeated Falsehoods [Use only for good!] The Smartest Ways to Network at a Party Here’s What the White House’s […]

The best trick for natural delivery? Marking your script

You have the structure. You have the words. But a great talk goes way beyond words. In a recent study, the ratings for the most popular TED talks were the same whether the viewers watched with or without the sound on. Why? Because the speakers were able to convey meaning with everything else at their […]

This Week in Insights: Week of September 14

ON THE COMMUNICATION SKILLS BLOG: Tim Pollard gives us his favorite Einstein (and Einstein-esque) quotes, and how to use them in your presentations. FROM OUR TWITTER AND LINKEDIN FEEDS If you find teleprompters useful (and not a path to woodenness…) check out this new voice-based teleprompter app 7 presentation tips from the 2015 world champion […]

Using Quotes in Your Presentation: Albert Einstein on Race Relations and Change Management

Einstein was a genius, almost beyond measuring. But if you study his writings you quickly realize that his genius extended SO far beyond mathematics. I find this amazing, since most brilliant mathematicians I’ve met can barely communicate with real people, let alone articulate exquisitely accurate social commentary. What I love about many of these ‘broader’ […]

This Week in Insights: Week of September 7

ON THE COMMUNICATION SKILLS BLOG: Eli Murphy deconstructs Nilofer Merchant’s TED Talk, “Got a Meeting? Take a Walk,” and talks about the power of a problem-based opening statement. FROM OUR TWITTER AND LINKEDIN FEEDS What’s one simple technique to make your talks better? The Epiphora. The mysterious origins of punctuation. 13 stats that should terrify […]

DeconstrucTED: Nilofer Merchant’s “Got a Meeting? Take a Walk.”

In our “DeconstrucTED” series, we look at some of our favorite TED and TED-style talks. We deconstruct them to demonstrate how we all can be more effective communicators in our own right. This week, Oratium’s Eli Murphy shares why Nilofer Merchant’s 2013 TED talk is one to remember. Q: Nilofer opens with a pretty bold […]

This Week in Insights: Week of August 31

ON THE COMMUNICATION SKILLS BLOG: Tim Pollard talks about the danger of “insider language” in your presentations and sales messages. FROM OUR TWITTER AND LINKEDIN FEEDS 10 popular grammar myths debunked by a Harvard linguist Do you have aphantasia? Some in your audience might… Many psychology findings not as strong as claimed, study says Another week, […]

Would Your Message Pass the 8th Grader Test? The Curious Case of “Blank Van Blank”

We are dear friends with a delightful a family in Ohio: wonderful parents, blessed with several rambunctious young children. Like many of us, these parents are very mindful of protecting their impressionable young kids’ minds from Internet content that would be potentially harmful. And with this aim, one of the things they’ve done is to […]

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