You Stand or Fall by Your Ability to Communicate: Proven by Bush & Rubio

This is not a political post. Yesterday I tuned into the Boulder, Colorado Republican Presidential Candidate debate. I was following along half-heartedly while doing other things…but even subliminally, some things struck me in the moment. Senator Rubio was REALLY good – clear, crisp, concise, articulate. Jeb Bush wasn’t. There was a certain lack of precision […]

Lessons from TED: How to Find the “Big Idea” For Your Next Keynote

THE PROBLEM A lot of presentation and speaking advice starts here: STEP ONE: Have a big idea. No arguments with that advice, of course. You need a big idea before you can figure out anything else about your talk. The problem is: how do you find yours? THE SOLUTION Here’s a framework I use with […]

How Easily is Your Audience Distracted?

We often hear that we live in an ‘age of distraction.’ And if you’re like me, it’s easy to think that it’s the OTHER person who has the problem…they’re the ones (often the younger ones) who can’t focus…right? But how easily are you distracted? And how easily do you think your AUDIENCE is distracted? While […]

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