The Hidden Genius of PuppyMonkeyBaby… Or, Why Entertainment Doesn’t Equal Effectiveness

Do you have to like something for it to be effective? Here’s why I ask: Even though Super Bowl 50 is behind us, somehow #PuppyMonkeyBaby – Mountain Dew’s contribution to this year’s Super Bowl advertising – lives on. Love it or hate it (and most people hated it), it was by far the most talked-about commercial […]

The Key to Getting Someone to Make a Decision

Think about how often you have an important request of someone – that they buy your product, change their position on an issue, support an initiative, etc. And you make a thorough, reasoned, logical argument, well supported by compelling facts and data – and this person nods and smiles the whole time…but doesn’t do what you […]

Chimps and Presidential Candidates…Closer Than You Think

I grew up and still live in Washington D.C. And as such, I have a well-developed ability to tune out politics when I want to… …But any article that compares the current slate of presidential candidates to a bunch of chimpanzees is guaranteed to catch my attention. Especially so when the article is in a […]

Public (Speaking) Enemy #1: “The Cognitive Miser”

Perhaps you’ve met this person: Jumps to conclusions Doesn’t listen Talks over other people Puts everything in the context of “Oh, I’ve heard/seen/done this before.” “Tunes out” quickly – has difficulty paying attention Thinks they already know everything Doesn’t “get” concepts or ideas that seem simple to you If you’re trying to drive a change […]

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