Where Cute meets Incomprehensible – The Hidden Perils of Insider Language

I just landed in the U.S., flying back from Edinburgh, Scotland. There’s not a whole lot to do in the baggage claim area at the Newark airport, and maybe that’s why a sign caught my eye. It was a poster reminding visitors not to use unlicensed cabs. Quite an important message, delivered simply via a […]

How Much… or How Memorable?

My first job after graduating from college was in sales. This was in the early 90’s, so it was a few years before I was introduced to PowerPoint presentations… but I eventually succumbed to the siren song and was guilty of crushing the souls of customers and prospects with bulleted PowerPoint decks. But along the […]

20 Questions to Answer Before You Craft Any Message

We think we know everything we need to start crafting a message or pitch. But the obvious questions — who are you talking to, what’s the topic, etc. — aren’t the only ones. To really connect with a customer or audience, we need to know much more about them, what they already know, and what […]

The Power of Conversational Storytelling in an Extraordinary Political Season

Politics aside (big asterisk I know), this has been an extraordinary presidential primary season. With 3 of our Oratium team members based in the DC area, not only are we able to get past the politics pretty quickly (you need to if you live in the Washington area), but we also spend quite a bit […]

Jack Welch on the importance of Presentation Skills

I’ve always greatly admired Jack Welch. Like all our heroes, he’s a blend of virtues and flaws, but the reason I admire him so much is for a specific attribute I’ve heard from many people who’ve worked with him over the years. His ability to really focus on what MATTERS. Jack always had an unerring ability […]

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