How to Succeed at the Conference Social

Have you ever given a presentation and thought afterward, “Well…that could have been better…”? We’ve all been there. You thought you had it figured out, you had a plan and you played the tape beforehand in your mind. It all seemed good – until it wasn’t. We teach our clients that true mastery of presentations […]

The Power of Conversational Storytelling in an Extraordinary Political Season

Politics aside (big asterisk I know), this has been an extraordinary presidential primary season. With 3 of our Oratium team members based in the DC area, not only are we able to get past the politics pretty quickly (you need to if you live in the Washington area), but we also spend quite a bit […]

The Power of Contrast

Admit it. Just be honest. I won’t judge… But you have either sat at the edge of your seat in anticipation – OR (more likely) you have actually succumbed to the dark forces of the infomercial. It’s OK. We’ve all been there. Infomercials – which we all know and mock – are an incredibly powerful […]

What Obama’s Charleston eulogy can teach you about presentation styles

It’s hard living in Washington DC without becoming a bit of a political junkie. OK, a stark-raving mad, all-consuming political junkie. I love news, I love politics, and thanks to today’s 24-hour media cycle there is always something to watch and critique. I watch all the usual suspects­ – CNN, MSNBC, FOX. And as you’d […]

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