Teaching Better Communication

Have you ever considered the idea of communication classes? How you say something is often as important as what you say. In fact, the key elements of a conversation-tone, gestures, and facial expressions—are nonverbal. Some people find communicating effectively difficult because they forget to use these nonverbal elements to their advantage. This dilemma led to Oratium’s creation.

At Oratium, we offer communication classes that focus not just on delivery, but also a variety of other important aspects of effective communication. Our communication classes are designed to meet the specific needs of business professionals in a range of industries and at different stages in their careers. Whether you’re an executive wanting to present your ideas in a compelling way or a salesperson wishing to increase your sales and boost customer loyalty, our communication classes can help you.

Benefits of Taking Our Communication Classes

  • Our Communication Program Can Help You Boost Your Sales

Your customers may easily forget a sales pitch that is little more than a recitation of facts. They are unlikely to purchase your product if they can’t even remember what makes it special. To ensure that your customers recall what you’re offering and are persuaded by your pitches, consider taking our communication classes.

By taking our communication program, you will be able to connect with your customers through the spoken word. Our communication classes teach you how to craft persuasive, benefit-driven stories that your customers will remember when it’s time for them to make a purchasing decision. By applying what you’ve learned from our communication classes, you can improve your business pitches and perform better during critical customer conversations. This results in increased sales conversion rates for your business.

  • Our Communication Classes Teach You to Know What to Say and When to Say It

When creating a spiel, people often include too many facts and too much data. As a result, the people listening to it get bored easily. Through our communication classes, you are taught to differentiate between the information you should include and details you should omit.

In addition, our communication classes help people improve the timing of your delivery. Our communication classes will teach you how to identify the right moment to say what you need to say. Moreover, our communication classes will help you avoid overwhelming your listeners with information at the wrong moments.

  • Our Communication Classes Help Executives Connect Better with Teams

Communication classes can also be vital in the executive sector. To become great leaders, executives must be good communicators. This skill helps construct powerful and compelling messages, which can leave lasting impressions and gain support. If you need help in communicating ideas better and motivating your team, enroll in our communication classes.

What You Will Learn From Oratium’s Communication Classes

Other companies offer communication classes focused on delivery. These communication programs typically involve practicing powerful body language and maintaining eye contact. However, at Oratium we take a completely novel approach to conducting communication classes. Our workshops and communication classes equip our students with the tools they actually need to achieve their goals.

After extensive research, we’ve found that effective communication requires a thorough understanding of the way humans process information. People tend to remember information more easily when it has a logical narrative structure. When your presentation includes lists of facts with no context, your listeners are unlikely to remember what you are trying to convey.

Through our communication classes, you will not only understand how your listeners process information—you will also learn how to tell a story that flows logically, captivates your listeners, and is sure to be remembered.

Enroll in Communication Classes and Start Speaking Like a Pro Today!

Whether you want to boost your sales performance, deliver better presentations, or simply socialize better, our communication classes can help you! Oratium’s communication classes are centered on our unique journey of discovery toward refining the art of speaking. Contact us today to learn more about our communication classes and how they can help both you and your business!

Communication Classes Help You Overcome Obstacles

Oratium is comprised of outstanding communicators who have learned there is more to communication than eye contact and body language. Led by our founder and CEO, Tim Pollard, we strive to let people know there is a better way to improve their communication skills. We dedicate ourselves to teaching others world-class communication through the principles and methods incorporated in our training services.

What We Believe In:

Several factors come into play when a presentation fails. Whether the fault lies in lack of engagement, inadequate insight, poor delivery, or heavy content, you need to find a way to solve the issue. Although ineffective communication is not new, people still struggle with finding a concrete and effective solution to this problem.

At Oratium, we understand that traditional methods will not cut it. Real communication skills training requires an understanding of the human psyche. Although you can catch your audience’s attention when you are discussing a topic, there is no guarantee they will retain any provided information. By understanding how the mind processes data, you can learn how to convey your message effectively to your audiences.

Where Our Profits Go:

Oratium has been collaborating with Food for the Hungry in Peru for more than 10 years. Together, we aim to provide a healthy and clean environment for the citizens of Belen as well as establish training for the prevention of violence. By getting our services, you can master the art of communication while making a difference for the people of Peru.

What We Can Offer You:

Communication is an essential part of daily life. In order to influence others and create an impact, you must know how to be a compelling communicator. However, most people still find it difficult to convey their message effectively. At Oratium, we understand your dilemma. To solve common communication obstacles in the workplace, we created a variety of training services including:

  • Executive Communication

It is important for leaders in the corporate world to be compelling, powerful, and influential. These traits allow them to lead their teams to success. The efficiency of an executive’s communication skills reflects his or her effectiveness as a leader. Through our executive communication training, you can master how a person’s mind processes information. With this knowledge, you can easily find ways to convey your message with clarity and impact.

  • Sales Messaging

Mastering the art and science of communication can give your company a competitive edge. An inability to deliver your message properly could lead to losing deals and potential clients. A team that undergoes training in sales management is proven to be more effective in their tasks. These people see a significant change in their conversion rates and a great reduction in their sales cycle times.

  • E-Learning

If you are interested in learning more about effective communication methods but have no time for one-on-one sessions, then our e-learning training will suit you best. Our training sessions come in the form of nine 30-minute videos that are sure to grip your interest from the start. We will also provide a comprehensive course workbook, access to our web-based application for message design, and a copy of The Compelling Communicator, written by our CEO Tim Pollard.

  • Coaching

Oratium knows that pretty visuals and other trivial matters can never substitute for a defined and clear message. If you have an important presentation coming up, our experienced coach can be of help. From the key principles of effective communication to the critique of final rehearsals, we will be there for all of our students to ensure that you are ready for the big day.

Make Your Business Succeed with the Help of Our Communication Classes

With the right resources and skills, you can lead your company to greater heights. Use the power of communication to your advantage. With the help of Oratium, you can achieve all your corporate goals and extend the knowledge to your people. If you are interested in our services, give us a call at +1 406.272.6556. We look forward to speaking with you.