This Week in Insights: Week of August 3

On the Communication Skills Blog:From problem to solution

Tim Pollard reveals the beating heart of sales messaging.

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Can imagination be measured?

A mathematical algorithm for discovering new things

The 12 cognitive biases that prevent you from being rational [An old, but good, list].c3bbddbeaa68d3535afbbc39fa24baa0.4251e22b8834a5d1ac97ef872fec9f33

3 Lessons IBM’s Watson can teach us about our brains’ biases

The 5 Elements of Storytelling, from Presentation Design Firm Ethos3

Secrets of the creative brain

For the #SwipeFile: An Illustrated book of bad arguments

The 11 rules of Salesforce’s most successful salesman78e9dfc4557d7c3113423760d774ce22.a324a516256e509d833f0589be321e56

Thou shalt not commit logical fallacies [infographic]

Another for the #SwipeFile: How brand-new words are spreading across America

Upcoming Workshops

One of the attendees from our recent Boston workshop published his thoughts on it: Four tips to make a good presentation better.

Our next public workshop is in Reston, VA on October 7 — sign up today!

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