Your Onsite Learning Options

Companies can choose to engage Oratium in many different ways: from a critical keynote address to a range of live workshop options – from the half-day overview with an introduction to the tools… all the way through a full two-day experiential learning approach, with deep exposure to and practice with the tools… or through e-learning.

½-day to 1-day Message Design Workshop (includes longer keynotes) 1.5-day Design & Delivery Workshop 2-day Experiential Learning Workshop E-Learning
Summary Engaging, compelling training in a shorter timeframe Our standard design & delivery communications training Deep practical application through an extensive group case study Nine 30-minutes modules with application, plus optional reading
Timing 2 hrs, ½ day, 1 day 1.5 days 2 days Self-paced
Teaching Approach Deep explanation with discussion and exercises – dependent on size of group Deep explanation with discussion and exercises Deep explanation, discussion and realistic message design case study Online lecture, application exercises, individualized reading
Numbers Tailored to your group’s needs Up to 35 18-24 (can be higher with an additional instructor) Individual or group learning
Outcome Understanding and practical application of communication for a wide variety of audiences. Understanding of principles, process and tools for message design and delivery. Deep understanding of design and delivery, with hands-on practical application Deep understanding and application through an immersive experience
Suited For Organizations needing a focused single-day or shorter event, when time is at a premium Training larger numbers of staff in a cost-effective way.  Changing the communication culture of an organization Where a deeper level of equipping is required. May be used with senior leaders or strategic groups Individuals or small groups looking for flexibility of timing and location.
Note: While all Oratium live training is practical and produces immediate benefits, many companies find great value in embedding the training within a broader leadership program (i.e. “leadership academy”).

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