Bettina Slusar

Prior to joining Oratium, Bettina Slusar was the Founder of Think Newco, a group that offered game changingĀ curriculum for organizations interested in accelerating both individual and organizational performance. The TNC curriculum challenged the way people work, taught unique solutions, and brought a laser focus to overcoming the issues created by our hyperconnected reality.

Previously, Bettina reported to the CEO of SunGard Data Systems as SVP of Global Sales, where she was the highest-ranking woman with revenue responsibilities exceeding a billion dollars. In the prior 10+ years at SunGard, she held a variety of management positions in both operations and sales. Earlier career highlights include serving as Director of Sales for Tech Hackers, a start-up in financial software, and as the Managing Director of Steps on Broadway, a large professional dance studio in NYC. Bettina has a BA from Brown University.

She resides in Aspen, Colorado where she is a part time ski pro, member of the Aspen Chorale Society, and volunteer of every stripe. She lives with her husband, 2 kids, 2 dogs, 10 fish and a free-range bunny.