An Overview of our Leadership Team

At its core, Oratium is a team of communicators who’ve learned through hard thinking and doing that there’s a better approach to improving communications than focusing on the superficial issues of eye contact and body language.

Instead, we’re passionate about helping others to understand and embody world-class communication, by using the principles and processes incorporated in Oratium’s leadership and communication training.

Our Leadership:

Tim Pollard

Chief Executive Officer

Tim founded Oratium in 2011. As CEO, he leads the ongoing development of Oratium’s intellectual property, as well as leading all major client relationships.

Over a long career in sales at many companies, including Unilever, Barclays, and the Corporate Executive Board—and now a decade into building Oratium—Tim has developed a remarkable insights into the science of designing and delivering extraordinary sales messaging. The result has been two best-selling books, The Compelling Communicator: Mastering the Art and Science of Exceptional Presentation Design and Mastering the Moment: Perfecting the Skills and Processes of Exceptional Presentation Delivery, which form the intellectual backbone of this course. This messaging model is in active use, and the preferred messaging solution of companies as diverse as Cisco, Disney, IBM, LinkedIn and Salesforce.

Tim and his wife Ruth are British by birth, but now reside in Montana where they’re recovering from raising their 4 (now) adult children. When he’s not teaching and consulting, Tim can be found on the Bighorn River with his favorite fly fishing rod.


Jenn Callaway

Executive Director

Jenn Callaway is Executive Director at Oratium.

She has 20+ years of experience as a teacher, advisor, and consultant. Her career spans the education, high tech, manufacturing, consulting, and non-profit industries where she has held roles in sales, marketing, account management, research, advisory services, and corporate leadership.

Jenn is passionate about the power of effective communication and firmly believes it is the key to unlocking leadership potential. Whether it was as a teacher or an advisor to C-level executives, Jenn has seen first-hand the power of effective communication and the disappointing results from getting it wrong.

Jenn has a Bachelor’s in English from Queen’s University and lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and two young daughters.


Mark Bourgeois

Executive Director

Mark Bourgeois is Executive Director at Oratium.

Mark has designed and given thousands of presentations across his career, developing methods and techniques that he has taught to colleagues and clients.

His written and oral communications background includes working as a legislative aide in the United States Senate, a reporter with The Tampa Bay Times, a management consultant with Booz-Allen, and head of Asia for DebtX. Additionally, he worked in Content Delivery within the Financial Services practice of the Corporate Executive Board, where he created new research and presentations, and trained others in presentation design and delivery.

A husband and father of three, Mark has a Master’s in Public and Private Management from Yale University and a Bachelor’s from Tulane University.


Bryce Leverich

Head of Operations and Marketing

Bryce Leverich is the Head of Operations and Marketing at Oratium. He has over twenty years of experience producing video content and managing marketing campaigns for organizations of all sizes.

Bryce is incredibly passionate about his role at Oratium and has been involved with the company since 2013. If you have taken any of Oratium’s e-learning courses, you will be familiar with Bryce’s work. From light board technology to animations to message role-play videos, Bryce digs into it all.

Bryce has a Bachelor’s in Film and Video production from the University of Oklahoma, and lives in Montana with his wife, two children, eight chickens, four cats and eighteen fish.


Sean Thom

Chief Financial Officer

Sean Thom is the Chief Financial Officer of Oratium.

Sean has a Master’s degree in Accounting from Walden University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Trinity Western University. Prior to joining Oratium, he worked in the nonprofit world for several years.

Outside of work, Sean is passionate about his faith, his family, and football (go Broncos!). He and his wife live in Montana with their three young children.


John Harrison

Chief Strategy Officer

John Harrison is Chief Strategy Officer at Oratium.

He has more than 35 years of experience in the technology industry at IBM, First Orion, and Arthur Andersen & Co. While working with clients across the globe and in virtually every industry, he has led businesses ranging in size from startup to over $5 billion/year. This broad experience provides him with first-hand knowledge of how clear messaging and communications are crucial to the success of every business regardless of size or location.

He is passionate about developing talent through coaching and mentoring, helping individuals to understand how their communications skills are the cornerstone of their growth.

John holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computing Science from Texas A&M University and lives with his wife in Little Rock, Arkansas. In his spare time, he is an aspiring jazz musician and performs with the award-winning Natural State Brass Band.

Julie Sheridan

Chief Commercial Officer

Julie Sheridan is Chief Commercial Officer at Oratium.

Julie is an astute strategist and presenter who has built an outstanding communications approach with clients in the hospitality and telecom segments over the past 30 years.  Her background includes leading strategic customer teams, serving as a senior account director, relishing the roles of mentor, coach, advisor and partner that she has served in during her career.  With an ability to develop deep and wide relationships within various sized corporations, she brings with her an innate talent of understanding customer problems and solutions which allows her to bring insight and perspective to their communications strategies. With a passion for communications, Julie believes that learning to effectively communicate is imperative to creating positive, impactful relationships both professionally and personally.

As a wife to Steve and a mother to her daughters, Jesse and Molly, Julie loves the time she spends with her family.  They continue to support her love for competing in triathlons and know that she is much more fun to be around after one of her workouts.  Julie has a Bachelor’s in English from Princeton University and she was a member and captain of the Princeton Women’s Basketball Team.  She currently resides with her husband in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and they are happy to have their daughter Jesse and son-in-law Josh living nearby as well.


Our Consultants:

Jonathan Dietrich (JD)

Senior Director

JD is a Senior Director at Oratium. He works primarily with companies and business executives to improve their communication skills across a wide range of industries and business functions – including Sales, Strategy, Market Insights and Internal Communications, as well as TED speaker coaching. To span such a diverse terrain, JD focuses on becoming a student of the client’s business and their key outcomes in order to best advise them on how to apply Oratium’s doctrine to achieve their desired results.

With over 20 years of experience advising Fortune 500 companies globally–including a three-year stint in Sydney, Australia working with Asia Pacific organizations–JD brings the balance of business savvy and youthful passion to all of his client engagements.

The most critical of those engagements are with his wife, Jennifer, who is a communications consultant and a total Oratium convert. From Washington, D.C. to Sydney and back to D.C. again, they now live in Saint Michaels, Maryland-on the Chesapeake Bay’s Eastern Shore. They’ve enjoyed a life well-travelled. Adventure, both personal and professional, is often just a plane (or car) ride away. Just the way they like it.


Michael Hubble

Managing Director

Michael Hubble is Managing Director at Oratium. He has spent the past 20 years creating and presenting best-practice research for senior executives of health systems and corporations.

Most recently, Michael was a Managing Director and national spokesperson for The Advisory Board, a health care consultancy serving 2,400 of America’s hospitals and health systems. His areas of focus were health system strategy, health system economics, and health policy.

Before joining the Advisory Board, Michael spent 11 years with the Corporate Executive Board, a leading management consultancy. At CEB, he worked with over 500 clients, including more than half of the Fortune 100, advising executive teams and boards of directors on organizational strategy, change management, and marketing strategy.

Michael received an MBA from the University of North Carolina and a BA from the University of Georgia, and lives in Northern Virginia with his wife, their two children, and various Basset Hounds.


Sebastian Mathews

Senior Director

Sebastian Mathews is Senior Director at Oratium, advising clients on message design. He draws from strategy, finance, and program experience across numerous industry sectors within the private sector, as well as to government and non-profit entities, advising executives and boards on growth strategies to scale impact.

Previously in Seattle as senior director at an international non-profit, he developed strategic partnerships and also co-founded and is board director of a global environmental alliance, now the world’s largest of its kind, and president of its US chapter. Prior to that he was senior manager at an international accounting firm and strategy manager at a top 10 US airport. In New York City, he advised and co-founded international startups and in Atlanta, as program director for economic development on a joint initiative with the United Nations Institute for Training & Research (UNITAR) and the City of Atlanta, he guided city leaders from over 50 countries worldwide to action the UN development goals. In South Africa, as principal at a management consultancy, he led teams on enterprise transformations, as economic advisor to a global strategy consultancy he supported a presidential initiative, and as vice-president at a corporate advisory firm, he advised corporations on strategic transactions in emerging markets. He started his career in technology with a global resources firm.

Sebastian is currently US country ambassador of the Global Corporate Finance Society and was previously adjunct lecturer of strategy with the Open University, UK and social entrepreneurship with the University of Pretoria, South Africa. He facilitated community development in South Africa as country associate of the Coady International Institute at St Francis Xavier University, Canada and board chair of South Africa’s first community foundation and was board director of various non-profits. In between, he also taught for a year at a high school in South Africa.

A husband and father of three, Sebastian holds an MBA from Heriot-Watt University, a Master’s in International Business from Georgia State University, and Bachelor’s in Finance and Engineering from the University of Witwatersrand.


Our Relationship Managers:

Rachael Hille

Senior Relationship Manager

Rachael is a Senior Relationship Manager at Oratium. She brings a combination of intellectual horsepower, tenacity in pursuit of goals and a deep motivation for a new challenge. She is passionate about people, building relationships, and equipping those around her with the skills to become compelling communicators.

Most recently Rachael worked for the Detroit Red Wings professional hockey franchise (in Community Relations, not playing) helping plan outreach initiatives and serving the people in the community she loves.

Rachael is passionate about her faith, family, and her beloved Detroit sports teams. In her spare time, Rachael loves catching up with her friends over a good cup of coffee, staying active (by boxing or volleyball) and enjoying all that Music City has to offer.


Our Oratium Benelux Team:

Marieke van Dijk

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, Oratium Benelux

Marieke van Dijk, Phd serves as Chief executive Officer and Executive Director of Oratium Benelux. Her role also involves keynote speaking and message consulting for the company.

With a background as a TEDx speaker coach, entrepreneur, executive advisor, and (online) facilitator, Marieke is particularly excited to explore how we can leverage online learning to spread the Oratium communications principles to all corners of the world.

Before starting Oratium Benelux, she worked as an executive advisor with the Corporate Executive Board (CEB, now Gartner) where she delivered hundreds of research presentations to corporations, government agencies and universities around the globe advising their executives how to tackle the most critical challenges they face in the areas of HR Strategy, Leadership Development and Communication.

With a Master’s degree in Cognitive Psychology, a Ph.D. in Human Resource Development, and extensive experience working with executives around the world, she brings a unique combination of intellectual rigor and practical business experience to every sales message she builds and to each class that she teaches.

After having lived in the US for 10 years, Marieke currently lives in the Hague, the Netherlands with Eric (her American husband) and two bilingual kids: Ella & Axel. She enjoys camping, hiking, reading and singing.


Joost van Roijen

Chief Commercial Officer and Executive Director, Oratium Benelux

Joost van Roijen is Chief Commercial Officer and Executive Director of Oratium Benelux.

He has more than 20 years of experience as a general manager sales, business development and consultant. His career spans the automotive, training & education and consulting industries, where he has held roles in sales, marketing, change consultancy, and leadership.

Joost is powered by his enthusiasm and positive energy to change sales organizations. He’s passionate about developing and empowering people to then improve their sales results and the growth of their company.

Joost has a Bachelor’s in Commercial Economics from the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht and a Master of Marketing Communication from Radboud University in Nijmegen. He lives near Utrecht (in the center of the Netherlands) with his wife, son, and daughter.


Our Support Staff:

Ruth Conder

Montana Office Manager

Ruth Conder is the Montana Office Manager for Oratium. In this role, she organizes all staff events, is the head of procurement, and manages the Montana office day-to-day.

After graduating with a degree in Early Childhood Education, Ruth stayed home for 25 years to raise her family. During this time, she has engaged with many different volunteering roles in the community. Her current passion is to represent children who are in the foster care system as a CASA volunteer. She finds managing the Montana office much like managing her large family. Note the acronym of her job title.

Ruth lives in Billings, Montana with her husband, enjoying life now that her children have moved out. She loves to quilt, hike, run with her dog, and travel as much as she can.


Kristin Jacobs

Chief of Staff, East Coast

Kristin Jacobs is the Chief of Staff for the Oratium East Coast team.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Systems from George Mason University and worked in corporate communications for a non-profit, marketing for an association and systems analysis for a consulting firm before coming home to raise and homeschool her four children. Back in the workforce, her most recent experience has been in support roles in the financial advisory industry and government contracting field. Kristin is passionate about the Oratium methodology and assisting the Oratium consultants so they can give our clients this extraordinary message.

Kristin resides in Northern Virginia with her husband and family. She enjoys reading, walking, cooking, and event planning.


Grace Smith

Communications and Logistics Manager

Grace Smith is the Communications and Logistics Manager at Oratium. She received her undergraduate degree in Biblical Leadership and her Master’s degree in English Education at Grand Canyon University.

Grace is passionate about connecting with people, both professionally and personally.  As part of her position, Grace has the opportunity to speak with many of Oratium’s contacts, and she enjoys building those relationships.

Grace lives in Billings, Montana with her dog, Indie. She enjoys camping, swimming, reading, and cooking, and spending time with her dog and her fiancé. Grace loves to travel and hopes to explore more of the world in the future.


Jerry Wall

Senior Product Manager

Jerry Wall is the Senior Product Manager at Oratium. In this role, he oversees Oratium’s Product Management and Product Development functions, helping to design and refine products that will equip our customers to design and deliver world-class messaging.

Jerry has a Bachelor’s degree from Crown College and Master’s from Bethel Theological Seminary. At home he can be found mowing the grass, shoveling the driveway, or tucked into a good historical biography.


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